After successfully creating your own products for sale, the next step is to establish your own affiliate program to maximize your outreach. Having your own affiliate program can be likened to having a dedicated team of salespeople on your website, consistently promoting and growing your business. However, it is crucial to approach the task of finding suitable affiliates with careful consideration and thoughtful planning.

Quality not Quantity

The number of affiliates you have won't be beneficial if they lack sales skills. Furthermore, if individuals promoting your product resort to unethical tactics to generate sales, it can have severe negative consequences for your business. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to prioritize the recruitment of high-quality affiliates rather than simply aiming for a large quantity. This approach allows you to avoid potential issues associated with affiliates, such as fraud and spam.

Their Website

Take the time to review the websites of potential affiliate applicants. Assess whether they maintain an active blog and if the content aligns with your target audience. Additionally, evaluate the website's security measures to ensure a safe user experience. It's crucial to determine if they comply with relevant laws regarding spam, privacy, and other legal matters in both their country and yours. Lastly, gauge their honesty and confidence by examining the information presented on their website.

Their Domain Name

To gain insights into the individual behind a website, conducting a "Who Is" search can be beneficial. However, it's worth noting that certain websites may have concealed information. In such cases, it becomes necessary to conduct further investigation to ensure that the individuals behind the website are trustworthy and someone you would be comfortable interacting with in person.

Their Content and Information

As you visit the website and explore its content and information, consider whether it effectively appeals to your target audience, encouraging them to make a purchase. Take note of the keywords utilized and evaluate if they align with your audience's preferences. Assess whether the content and information provided are straightforward and transparent. Furthermore, ask yourself if you would feel confident and secure recommending the site to your own mother for obtaining information.

Financial Validation

Once you onboard an affiliate, it is crucial to ensure that they complete all the necessary legal documentation. Even if you do not issue 1099 forms as payments are processed through a third-party platform like PayPal, obtaining this information remains significant. It establishes the affiliate's legitimacy and provides a layer of validation that contributes to maintaining the safety of your customers. Moreover, it is essential to assess whether the affiliate has demonstrated effectiveness in their role as affiliate marketers.

When you're initially launching your product as a seller, you may not have the luxury of being overly selective with your choice of affiliates. However, it is crucial to verify their identity, ensure they have a clean record, and prioritize their commitment to honest and transparent customer service. Keep in mind that if you opt for affiliates who are new to the field, it becomes necessary to provide them with training and support to enhance their sales performance.

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