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To establish a sustainable income in the field of Internet marketing, it is crucial to cultivate your own email list. You've probably come across this advice multiple times, emphasizing that the true potential for revenue lies within your list, as well as the quality of your relationship with the subscribers on that list.

The List

Mastering the use of a tool like Aweber to set up a powerful system for list building is a relatively quick process. The key tool in this regard is an autoresponder, such as, which enables you to capture the email addresses of individuals visiting your website. One of the great advantages of using an autoresponder system is the ability to pre-compose a series of email sequences even before you have your first subscriber. This allows you to streamline your communication and establish a structured approach to engaging with your list from the very beginning.

This strategy is often referred to as "set it and forget it." Once you have set up your email sequence, you can relax and let it run without constant monitoring or intervention. Many internet marketers have successfully configured their email sequences to automatically engage with their subscriber base for extended periods, ranging from a year to even longer. This allows for a consistent and automated flow of communication with your audience, ensuring that they receive valuable content and promotions over an extended period of time.

The main objective is to leverage the email sequence to build trust and credibility with your subscribers by providing them with valuable tips and resources relevant to your niche. It is important not to immediately employ a hard-selling approach in your initial email. Instead, you can employ a strategy known as "breathe out, breathe in." This means that you should focus on providing useful information and establishing a connection with your subscribers before introducing any sales or promotional messages. By nurturing the relationship and gradually introducing offers, you can create a more receptive and engaged audience.

The strategy involves providing valuable information in your initial email, and then following up with a sales pitch in subsequent emails. By adopting this cycle, you encourage your subscriber base to read your emails and engage with your sales pitches or new information in a more seamless and natural manner. The goal is to establish a pattern where you provide valuable content alongside promotional messages, ensuring that your subscribers stay engaged and receptive to your offers.

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